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Craigslist Profits Blueprint

Craigslist Profits Blueprint

Today, Craigslist is one of the most well known of all online urban communities on the web. It allows people to place free classified adverts relating to various subjects, as well as having forums where people can discuss various topics. Craigslist was founded by Craig Newmark from the San Francisco Bay Area in 1995. Then it became incorporated in 1999. Since its incorporation as of November 2006, there were over 450 cities where a Craigslist has been established.

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Craigslist for Small Businesses

This eBook guide from business professionals teaches you how to use Craigslist as one of the most powerful tools that your small business could ever use! Writing ads is not an easy skill to learn, but you will get all of tips and tricks that you can imagine to learn what brings customers in. Your first 100 customers can be the very hardest to get, but all it takes in order to get loyal customers is a bit of work, and the information in this book! After that, all you have to do is wait for the customers to come in droves, wanting your product! This book was written by a small-businessman who came from Russia to the US and learned all of the best tips for using Craigslist to attract some of your best customers. It doesn't take much; this eBook guide tells you everything that you need to know!

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Zhenya Vlasov
Price: $37.00

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Highly Recommended

It is pricier than all the other ebooks out there, but it is produced by a true expert and is full of proven practical tips.

This e-book served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

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Project 4 Building a Local Classified Ads Website

Not too long ago an unlikely website took the Internet by storm. This website was, and still is, unassuming and quite simplistic and yet visitors flock to it in droves each and every day. This Internet sensation is Craigslist and its popularity doesn't show signs of fading any time soon. No one could've ever predicted the immense popularity that this simple classified ads website would enjoy and yet it's one of the Internet's most trafficked destinations. While it would certainly be difficult to rival this powerhouse, it's not impossible to compete in the classified ads arena. The trick is to fill a need that Craigslist doesn't meet. While this site may allow visitors to localize their version of the site, it doesn't provide classified ads for all localities. As a matter of fact, it barely scratches the surface when it comes to providing a local option for most countries around the world. This is a void just waiting to be filled. There are millions of web users out there who would...

Activating and configuring the Classi Pressprovided plugins

The plugins included with ClassiPress aren't in ZIP files, which means that to install them on your site, you will have to upload each of theme either via FTP or the file manager provided by your web host. Rather than going about things that way, you should, instead, just search for the plugins by name on the Install Plugins screen and then add them to your site from there. Not only is using this method easier, it also allows you to ensure that you're adding the latest version of each of these plugins to your site.

Introducing Classi Press

Typically, when you want to add extra functionality to WordPress, you look for a plugin that can do the job. In this case, however, it isn't a particular plugin that's needed. Instead, what is required is a special theme by the name of ClassiPress which is available at http . The developers of ClassiPress have called this theme the Craiglist of WordPress which is handy since that's the type of website that you will be trying to emulate. With WordPress and this theme absolutely anyone can build a classified ads website. ClassiPress is designed for use by both individuals and businesses, so it's the perfect solution for lone web developers or even large corporations. Users can choose to run a dedicated classified ads website or enable the blog feature to run a combination classified ads blog site. ClassiPress can be integrated with PayPal and Google Checkout so that you can charge a fee to post ads on your site. It also supports over 20 different currencies which means...

What this book covers

Chapter 4, Project 4 Building a Local Classified Ads Website provides details on using the ClassiPress theme to build a classified ads website centered around a particular locality. This chapter also shows you how to improve upon ClassiPress by adding private messaging capabilities to your site.

Setting up and configuring New User Email Setup

With this plugin installed, you will be able to add a wide range of social bookmarking links to every classified ad listing included on your site. This highly customizable plugin, which is available at http extend plugins sexybookmarks , makes it possible for you to choose exactly which social bookmarking sites should be made available to your users.

Changing your sites permalink structure

If this step isn't performed now, then, immediately after ClassiPress has been activated, a message will appear at the top of your screen to tell you that your site's permalink structure must contain at least postname in order for ClassiPress to work properly. Making this necessary configuration now, before ClassiPress has even been installed, will ensure that everything operates smoothly later on. Now that your permalinks have been optimally configured to work with ClassiPress, it's time to move on to configuring the commenting options on your site.

Introducing New User Email Setup

While this plugin may have been included with ClassiPress, it's installation is purely optional. If you're happy with the default text that ClassiPress includes in these messages, then you shouldn't bother with this plugin. If, however, you would like to make changes to either of those messages, then proceed with the installation and configuration of this plugin.

Enabling registrations

Once ClassiPress has been installed, it won't be possible for your visitors to post an ad until registrations are enabled in WordPress. To do this, simply click on Settings General. On the General Settings screen, in the Membership settings area, tick the checkbox next to Anyone can register. The default user role should remain set to Subscriber, so scroll to the bottom of the page and then click Save Changes.

Dealing with deleted ads and 404 errors

There's a simple solution to this problem that will be very effective for keeping these visitors on your website. All you need to do is edit the 4 04.php template supplied with the ClassiPress theme so that visitors will be automatically redirected from this error page to your website's home page. Open the 4 04.php file included with the ClassiPress theme and then replace all of the text in this template with the following lines of code. When performing this edit, be sure to enter the URL for your site in place of http After saving these changes, the redirect will now be in place.

Placing an ad or two to test the system

Once the configuration of ClassiPress is complete, you should then test the system to ensure that every thing is working as it should be. If you will be charging for ad listings on your website, navigate to ClassiPress Gateways and then enable Sandbox Mode for the payment processor(s) that you're planning to use on your site. If all goes well, then a classified ad should now appear on your website. If you're planning to accept payments using both PayPal and Google Checkout, then you will need to repeat this test using the payment processor that's as yet untested.

Custom Fields

The fields included on your ad submission form are already numerous. It's quite likely, however, that there might be a field or two that you would like to see included on your website that ClassiPress doesn't include among it's default selection of fields. If that's the case, then you can easily add additional fields on this screen. For example, suppose that you're building a classified ads site that includes a real estate section for realtors in your area to post listings. If that were the case, then you would need to add a field so that these realtors could select how many rooms there are in the property that they're trying to sell. Even if you're quite happy with the selection of fields supplied by default, you must still perform a few actions on this screen so that your classified ads site will be targeted toward a particular region. In this instance, you don't need to create a new field, instead, you need to edit some of the ones that already exist. If you look at the list of...


Click ClassiPress Pricing to be taken to the next settings screen. On this page, you will first encounter the Pricing Options area. Here you must begin by deciding whether you would like to charge for classified ad placements on your website or allow visitors to submit ads for free. If you want to offer free ad placements, leave Charge for Listing Ads at it's default. If you want to charge a fee for placing an ad on your site, then select Yes from the drop-down menu. The Pricing Structure settings area follows and it's here that you will need to use the drop-down menu to choose the method that will be used when charging for classified ad placements. If you decide to go with the Fixed Price Per Ad option then you will need to setup at least one ad pack on the next configuration screen. If you chose the of Sellers Ad Price option, then the percentage that you enter into the of Sellers Ad Price textbox, along with the amount that your visitor is selling their item for, will be used to...


Depending upon which version of ClassiPress you're using, the features provided on the Order Transactions screen may or may not be available to you. Even if you're using a version of ClassiPress that includes access to this screen, there really isn't any reason to visit it at this time since it currently doesn't contain any information. Once visitors begin posting ads on your site, however, you can then visit this area to view information related to your site's ad listings transactions.

Creating Categories

Before you begin working with ClassiPress, it's important for you to first create the categories and sub-categories that you plan to include on your site. That's because some category-specific settings will be included later on during the configuration of ClassiPress. So, navigate to Posts Categories and then begin adding categories and sub-categories to your site. In addition to adding new categories to your site, you must also rename the Uncategorized category. That's because, if this category isn't renamed, it will appear in the Select a Category drop-down menu that visitors must use when placing an ad on your site.


Once you've signed in, if you haven't already done so, set up a Google Checkout Merchant account. Once that's finished, click the Settings tab and then click the Integration link. On this screen, under Account Information, you will find your merchant ID and key. Return to the ClassiPress Gateway screen and then enter those two pieces of information into the appropriate textboxes. Sandbox Mode is the last setting found in this area, but no changes need to be made to it at this time. Now that your site's payment gateway settings have been completely configured, click Save changes. Form Layouts is the next settings screen, but it's best if you don't visit it just yet, so click on ClassiPress Custom Fields instead.


There isn't any reason why you need to visit the ClassiPress Dashboard, so you can bypass it and, instead, click on ClassiPress Settings to be taken to the General Settings screen for this theme. The Site Configuration area contains the first group of settings that you will need to configure. First are the Home Page Layout and Color Scheme settings which can both be configured according to your preferences. By default, the Enable Blog setting is activated. If you want to run a blog on your classified ads site, then this setting should remain enabled. If, however, you would prefer not to blog from this site, then change this setting to No. If you decided to include a blog on your site, you will next need to ensure that the Blog Category ID setting is correctly configured. To learn the category ID that was assigned to the Blog category when it was automatically created by ClassiPress, open a new browser window and then navigate to Posts Categories. On the right side of your screen, you...


At present, the only way users of your site have to contact each other is via the email contact form included with ClassiPress. It's possible, however, to provide your visitors with a way to send and receive private messages through your site with the WP Private Messages plugin, which is available at http