About the Authors

■ ROBERT T. DOUGLASS is a core developer and member of the security team for the Drupal project. As a leading voice in the Drupal community, he works hard to introduce new programmers and webmasters to the joys of building web sites with Drupal. To this end, Robert headed Drupal's involvement in the Google Summer of Code, 2005. Robert is a freelance Drupal consultant and programmer, working out of his home in Germany.

■MIKE LITTLE is one of the founders of the WordPress project and is still an occasional contributing developer. He wrote his first computer program over 26 years ago. He has been programming professionally for more than 15 years in a variety of languages, including PHP, Java, JSP Perl, C, and assembler. He first encountered the Web in 1993 and has been fiddling with it ever since.

When he is not tapping away at a keyboard, he likes to read—mostly science fiction, fantasy, biographies, and the odd technical book. He listens to music as much as possible.

■JARED W. SMITH started his foray into message board communities at the increasingly less tender age of 15, when he first participated in various message boards on the Web. He particularly was amazed at the layout of the Ultimate Bulletin Board (UBB), Infopop's groundbreaking community solution, and he decided he must give a UBB-based community a shot on his own site. Of course, most 15-year-olds don't have $160 to shell out at a whim. It was at this time that Jared stumbled over phpBB 1.0.0, which, sure enough, was a free message board solution that looked—gasp!—just like UBB!

Immediately, Jared became intrigued with the product. The easy installation amazed him, and he loved the speed. There was a problem though: the first editions of the board weren't that great looking. The borders were too thick on the edges, the fonts were too small, no CSS was used, and so on, but no matter. He dove into the code and totally reworked the design for his now-defunct Windows support site, WindowsLaunchpad.com. Jared learned a lot from that experience and proceeded to begin writing and releasing modifications such as the Anchor Hack, which returned users to the last post in a thread after they posted, and an enhanced version of another Who's Online hack, which he optimized for performance and redesigned to present the information in a clearer format. His work, including work with the phpBB 2.0.x series, earned him multiple accolades such as "phpBB of the Month" at phpBBHacks.com, where he was one of the original support team members and now serves as an advisor to the webmaster.

Presently, Jared blogs about a variety of topics at www.jaredwsmith.com (using WordPress, no less), and in the very near future, he will be maintaining a phpBB board there as well. In his scarce spare time, Jared has fun being lousy at first-person shooter-style games, goes canoeing with his friends in the summer, and is the most unlikely sports buff you may ever meet. He presently resides in beautiful downtown Charleston, South Carolina, with a friend and the best kitty ever, Penelope.

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