I have many people to thank for the keen insight and thoughtful support that was given to me while writing about Drupal. First, the fantastic Apress team, for great support at all stages of writing. Then, James Walker, my technical editor, not only for making sure that what I was writing was true, but also for deepening my understanding of Drupal and for always knowing the best way to present any idea or concept. Then, to the Drupal community, including Dries Buytaert, Steven Wittens, Morbus Iff, and so many others who suffered through early drafts and helped me focus my ideas and writing. Finally, to my wife Kimiko, who helped me get to a place where I could undertake this project and stood by me throughout the entire process.

Robert Douglass

I would like to thank Matt Mullenweg for his passion and dedication to all things WordPress. Without Matt, WordPress would not be the fantastic product it is. Thanks also go to Michel for starting b2, to Ryan and all the developers for continually improving a great product, to Podz and the fantastic support team, and to Lorelle and the great documentation team. WordPress is enriched by its community; I cannot name you all, but you know who you are. Thanks to Chris (c3ro) for allowing me to use his theme as a starting point in Chapter 16. Thanks to all the great developers and designers who have released plug-ins and themes for WordPress. Without those, I would have had a lot less to write about. Special thanks to Steve Potts for moral as well as technical support.

Mike Little

The cast of characters that drive me to do what I love to do is immense, and could take up a book in and of itself. First off, I must thank the phpBB Group members, who are responsible for writing the phpBB software. Without them, I might not have gotten into so many technologies that have advanced my primary hobby, not to mention I wouldn't be writing this right now. Patrick O'Keefe of continues to be instrumental in giving me a stage to show the world what I can do, and I directly credit him for helping me be successful in the phpBB arena. I must also thank my parents, who for years put up with me running into the room screaming "Check out this hack I just wrote!" or "Look at my rounded post entries!" I must especially thank my dad, Jerry, for telling my mom it's perfectly fine for me to be working on my projects instead of being out on the streets doing God-knows-what. Matt Owen, formerly of the Post and Courier in Charleston, SC, brought me my 15 minutes of fame and dramatically increased my traffic, and helped solidify my position as a proud Internet geek long before it was cool. I also must thank CR4CK1NT0SH for breaking into one night, as he taught me just how important it is to be on the ball with security updates. Additional thanks go to Brad, who has always been there as my Number Two man (and vice versa!) in my myriad of community ventures; Chris, for ultimately being right about the importance of learning HTML and ditching FrontPage; Sam, Nick, Derick, Phillip C., Philip K., et. al. for providing such lively discussion, past and present, on my communities no matter how much I move them around or tweak them; and all the girls I crushed on in high school. For some reason, I thought my phpBB skills would impress you. ©

Jared Smith

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