Actions for Identified Spam

What should happen when the spam filter identifies something as spam? That question is answered by the settings in the Actions group on the Spam module's settings page.

You can have the content or comment automatically unpublished by checking the Automatically Unpublish Spam field. This might be the best option if spam or potentially embarrassing content could hurt your business or reputation if allowed to persist on the site for any amount of time. Use this option if you are too busy to constantly police your site (better to be safe than sorry). On the other hand, it is possible (though rare) for the Spam module to identify false positives, and users whose content gets unpublished may get very irritated with your site.

The Notify Admin When Spam Detected field causes the administrator of the site to be notified whenever spam is identified. This should be checked as long as you leave possible spam published (Automatically Unpublish Spam is unchecked), or if you are worried about the chance of false positives. That way, you can closely monitor the Spam module's activities and see that it is doing its job correctly.

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