Adding and Customizing Themes

Drupal themes are the place where the worlds of graphic artists and programmers meet. A theme is a collection of files that defines the structure, style, and, to an extent, the behavior of your site. Themes use HTML code for the structure, CSS and images for the style, and PHP for determining behavior to give your site its look and feel.

Drupal has four themes as examples in the core distribution, and offers a number of contributed themes, ranging from completely finished solutions that are ready to be installed and used to those intended as clean starting points for your design efforts.

This chapter will show you how to download and install new themes. You will then see what components come together to be a theme, what template files look like and how they work, and how you can override themable functions to change the HTML that is being generated by your site. You will also learn how to create your own template files and how to make entire themes that are based on only CSS. Finally, I will recommend some modules that are helpful when theming a site.

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