Adding Custom Menus

To add a new custom menu, click add menu (admin/menu/menu/add). The next page asks for the title of your new menu. Choose a title and submit it, and Drupal will create it.

Now you will want to add some menu items to the new menu. Click add menu item to do this (admin/menu/item/add). This page has the following fields:

• The Title field on this form contains the visible text, which the user will see in the menu hyperlink.

• The Description field is used to set the HTML title attribute of the hyperlinks in the menu so that the description is displayed as a tool tip when the user hovers the mouse over it.

• The Path field is the target of the link, synonymous with the href attribute of an anchor element. It can be either an absolute URL to some resource on the Web or a Drupal path (see Chapter 2 for a description of the different types of paths). You could, for example, create a content node such as a book page named Terms of Service. You would then be able to make a menu item called Terms of Service. In this case, the value in the Path field would look something like node/7.

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