Adding Feeds

Make sure that the Aggregator module is enabled (admin/modules), and navigate to the Aggregator's main administration screen, admin/aggregator. From there, use the Add Feed tab (aggregator/add/feed) to add your first feed. Fill in the fields on this tab:

• The Title field is the title you wish to give the feed. It will be used when displaying the feed items.

• The URL field is where you should enter the feed's URL. Examples of URLs are http:// and

• The Update Interval field determines the minimum amount of time that should elapse before your site checks the remote site for updates.

In deciding on an update interval, keep in mind that you shouldn't have your site check for updates more often than is necessary. Importing feeds is a relatively time-consuming operation for your web site, not to mention the extra Internet traffic and load that is generated for the remote sites. If a site is likely to be updated only once a day, you don't need to check every hour. On the other hand, if a site is constantly updated, as is, you'll want to schedule the updates more often.

■ Note Web etiquette suggests that you should not update your aggregator feeds any more frequently than every 30 minutes. This is out of courtesy to the site providing the feed, as feed readers can generate abundant amounts of traffic and server overhead if not held in check. It is also worth noting that since feed updates are managed by the cron.php-based automated tasks (see Chapter 6), the actual frequency of updates is inherently dependent on the cron schedule.

After adding your feed information, click Submit. You will return to the main Aggregator administration page, where you should see your feed listed. At this point, the feed has not yet been updated and no items have been imported. Click the update items link for your new feed to test it and to import the latest items from the remote site. If the update is successful, you will be able to see the items by clicking the news aggregator menu item (Drupal path aggregator).

Tip The RSS feed for is It is a listing of the most recent content that has been promoted to the front page.

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