Adding Profile Information

The fields in the Profile Information section of the Edit Profile form, shown in Figure 9-7, contain the information that is publicly viewable when viewing a user's profile or perusing the member list. Users can fill out as much or as little of the information as they pleaseā€”it is all optional.

Users can also add a custom signature to append to each of their posts. Your policies on allowing HTML, BBCode, and smilies pertain to signatures as well. The default limit is set to 255 characters. This is a comfortable limit, which you are free to adjust using the General Board Settings options accessed through the Configuration link under General Admin in the Administration panel. It is generally good practice to keep the signature size around the default limit, or perhaps even under it. This helps prevent posts that have more signature than substance, if that is important to you.

Figure 9-7. The Profile Information section contains optional, publicly available information about a user.

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