Administering Blocks

To administer blocks, select administer> blocks (admin/block). If you are using either the Bluemarine or Pushbutton theme, you will see five yellow stripes that highlight the various regions on your site. This is to aid you in deciding where a certain block should appear. You will also see that there is a separate block configuration page for every theme that you have enabled. This allows you to have different block configurations for each theme.

All available blocks are grouped by region. The controls for enabling blocks and moving them to the various regions are self-explanatory. The Weight selection box for each block controls the order of the blocks within a sidebar. As with all Drupal weights, smaller numbers float to the top of lists, while larger numbers sink to the bottom of lists. Negative numbers are allowed and, as they are smaller than positive numbers, will cause a block to appear nearer to the top. If you have the Throttle module enabled, each block also displays a check box indicating whether its display should be dependent on throttle conditions. (For a discussion of the Throttle module, see Chapter 3.)

Clicking the configure link for any of the blocks listed reveals the true power administrators have over where blocks appear.

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