Administering Polls

The following items apply to administering polls:

• Polls are normal content nodes and as such can have comments, uploaded files, categories, and so on.

• You can publish or unpublish polls, subject them to moderation, and promote them


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Figure 3-7. A sample poll

• The Drupal path poll will show a listing of all polls on the site.

• You can activate the Most Recent Poll block the block administration page (admin/block).

• By granting the Vote on Polls permission, you can allow anonymous users to vote on polls.

The Poll module tries to limit each user to one vote. It does this by recording the user ID of registered users and the IP address of nonregistered users. This has a couple of side effects worth noting. People whose Internet service providers share IP addresses or people accessing the Internet via a shared router will have bad luck as anonymous users. Only the first one accessing the poll will get to vote. If both anonymous users and authenticated users can vote, there is nothing to stop people from voting, logging in, and voting again. The best solution is to allow only authenticated users to vote.

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