Attaching Polls to Topics

When posting a new topic, phpBB gives you the option to add a poll to the topic. The form that adds the poll resides at the bottom of the post form, as illustrated in Figure 9-3.

Figure 9-3. The options for adding a poll for new topics

Adding a poll is straightforward. You enter the poll question, and then enter an option. Add options to the poll by clicking the Add option button next to the text field of your new poll option. You can optionally set your poll to close after a period of time you specify (in days). When you are finished setting up your poll, click Submit, and it will post your topic with the poll, as shown in Figure 9-4.

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Who should run for President?

C Mickey Mouse C Bill Gates

C The San Diego Chicken Submit Vote | View Results


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Figure 9-4. A poll that you have not voted in yet

Figure 9-4. A poll that you have not voted in yet

After voting (or if you abstain by clicking View Results, which is ultimately a null vote), you can see how your poll is going. Figure 9-5 shows how the poll results look.

Figure 9-5. The poll results

Polling can be allowed and disallowed via setting permissions on the forum. Generally, users with posting rights also have polling rights by default, if you use the Registered preset.

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