Automatic Database Backups

To configure the dba module, navigate to administer> settings> dba (admin/settings/dba). One of the useful features of this module is the ability to make backup SQL dumps of your database, and it can mail these backups to your e-mail address. Dumps can be made from individual tables, in which case, the backup filename will bear the name of the table, or of several tables or even the entire database. The following are settings that pertain to database backups:

Default backup filename: In the case of multiple tables, the name of the backup file is initially taken from this field, although this can be changed at the time you initiate the backup.

Automatically backup database every (period oftime): The automatic backups are disabled by default, but if you set this field to any of the given time periods, backups will be made as often as you have specified.

Automatic backup path: This is the path to the directory on your server where the backups will be saved. Backups are not automatically deleted, so this is a cleanup task that will be left to you.

Compress automatic backups: If compression libraries are available to PHP on your server, you can check this option, and backups will arrived in a compressed format, greatly reducing the size of the backup files.

Mail backup to administrator: Checking this option will result in the automatic database backups being mailed to the administrator's e-mail account (as defined on the site settings page, admin/settings).

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