Board Defaults

These settings allow you to define a number of default or global settings used by the board. For example, to disable the use of HTML across the entire board alter the relevant setting below. This data is also used for new user registrations and (where releva guest users. Please note that registered users can override some of these options with their own settings.

Board Defaults

Default Style:

| subSilver

Override user style:

Replaces users style with the default.

C Yes No

Default Language:

| English [ UK ]

Date Format:

The date format is the same as the PHP date function.

|d M d, Y g:i a |

System Timezone:

| [GMT] Dublin, Edinburgh, Iceland, Lisbon, London, Casablanca

Enable Daylight Savings Time:

C Yes No

Private Messaging:

Enable or disable private messaging for all users.

Yes f No

Allow Topic Watching:

Yes O No

Allow Forum Watching:

Yes C' No

Allow Username changes:

C Yes No

Allow Attachments:

& Yes O No

Allow HTML:

C Yes No

Allowed HTML tags:

Separate tags with commas.

|b,i,u,pre |

Allow BBCode:

& Yes O No

Allow Smilies:

& Yes O No

Allow Signatures:

& Yes O No

MaKimum signature length:

MaHimum number of characters in user signatures.

1255 |

Allow Disable of Censors:

User can disable word censoring.

c Yes No

Allow bookmarking topics:

User is able to store personal bookmarks

Yes C No

Submit | | Reset |

Figure 8-21. phpBB 3.0 Board Defaults options

As shown in Figure 8-22, the Board Settings group contains the settings for the community's title and description, COPPA information, account activation policies, visual confirmation, and much more.

Figure 8-22. phpBB 3.0 Board Settings options

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