Categorizing Feeds

The Aggregator module also allows you to categorize your feeds so that they can be grouped by topic or area of interest. To add a feed category, return to the Aggregator's main administration page and click the Add Category tab (admin/aggregator/add/category). Add as many categories as you want. Now, whenever you create a new feed or edit an existing feed, you will be given the chance to categorize the feed based on the categories you just created. Furthermore, the various categories have their own listing pages. Click the news aggregator menu item (Drupal path aggregator), and you will see that the categories now appear as menu items below the news aggregator item.

Sometimes, categorizing an entire feed isn't really accurate enough. Perhaps your favorite blog author who usually writes about politics suddenly decides to include a blog post about cooking. Fortunately, Drupal offers a mechanism for categorizing the individual feed items as well: the Categorize tab from any individual feed's page (aggregator/sources/feed_id/categorize). This gives you fine-grained control over which items appear in which categories.

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