Changing the Look of Your Blog

This chapter is about the reader's view of your blog. It is about what your visitors see and how they interact with your blog. That interaction, or experience, is important in ensuring your visitors get the most from your site. If the experience is positive—they find what they want, and they can interact easily and successfully—then they will want to come back. A good design will drive that experience.

It is also about the aesthetic experience, too. The look of your blog, especially the first page, must either fit the users' expectations or surprise them in a positive, pleasing way. If you and your community are discussing fan fiction for a Gothic TV horror show, they want a dark, slightly sinister, experience. If you are all about craft fun for preschool children, you'll want to present a bright, airy, fun face to your readers (but not childish, since the parents are your audience).

The face of your blog—its outward appearance—is provided by the theme in use on your blog. In this chapter, you'll learn how to activate themes in WordPress, find and install new themes, and modify themes. But first, let's start with the purpose of your theme.

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