Configuring Statistics

After enabling the Statistics module, you must configure it by selecting administer > settings > statistics (admin/settings/statistics). This page has the following settings:

• To record the referrer and IP address of visitors to your site, you must enable the Enable Access Log setting.

• If you enable the access log, set a sensible limit for storing the statistics in the Discard Access Logs Older Than field. On busy sites, the accesslog table in the database can grow quite large, as every visit results in a row being added to the database. The statistics that are older than the time limit you set will be discarded in the course of scheduled cron.php tasks. If you have not scheduled any cron.php tasks, older log entries will never be discarded. (See Chapter 6 for information about cron.php tasks.)

• If you are interested in tracking how many times each content node has been viewed, activate the Content Viewing Counter Settings. The number of content views is normally visible only to users with the Access Statistics permission.

• You are also given the option of displaying the view counter to everyone with the Display Counter Views option.

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