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When configuring forums for phpBB 3.0 for the first time, you may be thrown off by the fact that there are no categories! phpBB 3.0 introduces sub-forums, which take the place of categories and also allow you to nest forums within forums.

Sub-forums are a strange concept to get used to at first, but when you get the hang of them, sub-forums quickly turn into an organizational boon for your site. Say you have an archive for one particular forum. Instead of having the archive on the forum index page, you can now have the archive live inside the main forum, so it doesn't take up room on the front page. That's one of many possible uses for a sub-forum.

So how do you create forums in phpBB 3.0? First, click the Manage link under Forums in the navigation pane, and you'll see the screen shown in Figure 8-23.

Forum Administration

My first Category

Move up Move down

Edit | Delete | Sync


Powered by phpBB 2.1.2 © 2002 phpBB


Powered by phpBB 2.1.2 © 2002 phpBB

Figure 8-23. Is that a category, or is that a forum?


You can create a forum at that top level to act like a category, or you can click the category's name. If you click the category's name, you'll see a screen like the one in Figure 8-24.

Board Index -> My first Category

Forum Administration

This is just a test forum. Topics: i / Posts: 1

Move up Move down

Edit | Delete | Sync


Figure 8-24. Inside the My First Category forum

You can then create a forum at that level if you wish. Or, you can go into that test forum, as shown in Figure 8-25, and create a sub-forum there.

Figure 8-25. Inside the Test Forum 1 forum

Figure 8-25. Inside the Test Forum 1 forum

Wherever you decide to create a forum, you'll notice an explosion of options, compared with those available in phpBB 2.0. Figure 8-26 shows the phpBB 3.0 form for creating a new forum.

» Create new forum

In phpBB 2.2 there are no categories, everything is forum based. Each forum can have an unlimited number of sub-forums and you can determine whether each may be posted to or not (i.e. whether it acts like an old category), Here you can add, edit, delete, lock, unlock individual forums as well as set certain additional controls. If your posts and topics have got out of sync you can also resynchronise a forum.

Create new forum

The form below will allow you to customise this forum. Please note that moderation and post count controls are set via forum permissions for each user or usergroup.

Board Index -> My first Category -> Test Forum 1

I Forum Setting«

Forum Type:

1 Forum 1

Forum Status:

1 Unlocked

Parent Forum:

1 Test Forum 1

Forum Name:

|Test Forum Archive |


Any markup entered here will displayed as is.

Please click to view the forum rules:

You are able to enter the URL of the page/post containing your forum rules here. This setting will override the Forum Rules tent you specified.

1 1

Forum Rules:

Forum Rules are displayed at any page within the given

C Parse BBCode Parse Smilies Ol Parse Links

Forum Image:

Location, relative to the php&& root directory, of an image to associate with this forum.

1 1

Forum Style:

| Default Style Ij-J

Enable search indexing:

If set to yes posts made to this forum will be indexed for searching,

® Yes r No

Enable Topic Icons:

ft Yes C wo

Enable Auto-Pruning:

Prunes the forum of topics, set the frequency/age parameters below.

o Yes © Wo

Auto-prune Frequency:

Time in days between pruning events.

10 | Days

Auto-prune Post Age:

Number of days since last post after which topic is removed.

10 | Days

Auto-prune Post Viewed Age:

Number of days since topic was viewed after which topic is removed.

10 | Days

Prune Did Polls:

Removes topics with polls not voted in for post age days.

ft1 Yes ® No

Prune Announcements:

ft Yes f No

Prune Stickies:

ft Yes ® No

Topics Per Page:

If non-zero this value will override the default topics per page setting.

Defines a password for this forum, use the permission system in preference.

1 1

Confirm Forum Password:

Only needs to be set if a forum password is entered.

1 1

Submit | | Reset |

Powered by phpBB 2.1.2 © 2002 phpBB Group

Figure 8-26. Creating a new forum in phpBB 3.0 (notice all the brand-new options!)

Feel free to add forum rules. At this time, phpBB does not provide a template for those rules. You add the forum rules by entering them directly into this box. If you have a custom image for the forum, you can use the new Forum Image option to include that as well. You have much more control over the pruning options, too. If you want a quick-and-dirty private forum, you can use the Forum Password field to assign a password to it. phpBB recommends that you use permissions rather than this password feature, but it's there if you need it.

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