Enabling Themes

Drupal includes four themes in its core distribution. As the administrator, you can decide which theme to use as a default for the site.

Select administer> themes (admin/themes) to see a list of all the available themes. Changing the theme selected as the default and saving the configuration will change the look of your site. Try it out! You can test each of the available themes and decide which theme suits your needs best.

If more than one theme is enabled, registered users will have the choice of which theme they would like to use when visiting your site. They can make this choice from their user account page. A possible application of this feature might include making different versions of your site available for different needs: low-bandwidth version, text-only version, Flash version, and so on. It is also quite handy if you are a web designer and want to show your client how a site might look with different designs and styles.

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