Event Overview Options

The events calendar has five different views: day, week, month, table, and list. Use the Default Overview field to select which of these views should be the default calendar view. If you choose Table, you can also use the Table View Default Period setting to specify how many days are to be shown.

When looking at the overview of events on a calendar view, it is possible to filter the display based on node type and taxonomy category. The queries for these filters are built by constructing special URLs, as described next. The Taxonomy Filter Controls field sets the display of this filter:

Never show taxonomy filter control: This allows you to hide the taxonomy filter control.

Only show taxonomy filter control when taxonomy filter view is requested: This shows the filter control only when a taxonomy query is built into the URL query.

Show taxonomy filter control on calendar views: This shows the filter control by default.

The same three options can also be applied to the Content Type Filter Controls field, which lets you filter the calendar view by node type.

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