Event Enabling Node Types

For each type that you wish to be an event type, the content-creation form will have two extra fields for the start date and end date. As I mentioned earlier, a convenient way to make event types is by using the Flexinode module to create node types specifically for the purpose. These flexinode types should answer the what part of the question "What type of event is this?" Building on the music school example, you could define a Concert flexinode type that included flexinode fields to describe the repertoire and ticket-buying information. The Event module would take care of the when part: "When does this concert take place?"

To make a particular node type event-enabled, go to administer > settings > configure (for the particular content type) and set the Show in Event Calendar field. The default setting for this field is Never, which means that a node is not event-enabled, will not have the start and end fields, and will not show up in the calendar. Change this to either of the following settings:

All views: This means that the content type is event-enabled, will have the start and end fields, and can appear in calendars with other event types.

Only in views for this type: This also means that the content type is event-enabled and will have start and end fields, but it will show up only in calendars specific to this type. In other words, it will have a completely separate calendar all to itself.

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