Filters for Content Types

Select administer> settings> spam (admin/settings/spam) to see the configuration settings for the Spam module. The group of settings titled Filter gives you the chance to determine which content types will be eligible for spam filtering. As a rule of thumb, you should allow the Spam module to filter any content that can be created anonymously or by users whose trustworthiness cannot be guaranteed (that is, you don't know them personally). The options are as follows:

Filter comments: This should be checked in most cases. There are known scripts for attacking Drupal sites where the URLs for nodes are systematically probed and comments are posted. The scripts craftily hit low-numbered nodes (low-numbered nodes are usually older content on most sites) and stop before becoming very conspicuous, in a bid to create comment spam but not be detected. Since these scripts target comments, it is advisable to enable this option.

Filter open relays: This corresponds to the Distributed Server Boycott List method of spam filtering, described earlier. It uses the IP address of the user posting content and compares it to published lists of known spammers. Any content published from an IP address found on these lists will have a greatly increased chance of being marked as spam.

Filter spammer URLs: This instructs the Spam module to pay greater attention to the URLs in content and afford them special treatment. The URLs in posts marked as spam will be branded as positive identifiers for spam content, and any new content containing the same URLs will be marked as spam.

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