Installing New Themes

You can find many themes available for download at ( Themes). Installing them is a simple process, but you need to make sure that you have the necessary theme engine installed. This should always be clear from the theme's description on, but is often overlooked. If you do not have the proper theme engine (as determined by taking a peek in your themes/engines directory), locate and download the theme engine first (from

â– Caution Make sure that the version number of your theme, theme engine, and Drupal installation match. Version 4.7 themes are only guaranteed to work on Drupal 4.7 with a version 4.7 theme engine.

After downloading a theme, unpack it and move the unpacked folder to the themes directory. The name of the unpacked directory is the name of the theme. Navigate to administer > themes (admin/themes), and you will see the theme listed. Activate the theme, and determine whether it is to be the main theme for the site. If not, you can activate it for your user account from your account page (my account).

Configure your theme by going to administer > themes and clicking the Configure tab (admin/themes/settings). See Chapter 2 for a complete discussion on how to configure a theme, including setting the primary and secondary links, toggling post information, and so on. Your theme is now installed and configured.

To uninstall a theme, deactivate it from administer> themes (admin/themes) and remove it from the themes directory.

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