Installing the Devel Module

Download the latest version of the Devel module from Create a modules/devel folder and move the devel.module file into it. Enable the module from the admin/modules page. The archive download comes with a devel/generated folder, which contains various scripts for automatically generating content in the database for the purpose of testing. Move these files to the server only if the site is a development site and you intend to use the scripts. Otherwise, you are best advised to omit them.

If you are using Xdebug and wish to have access to profiler information through the Devel module, you should add information to either your php.ini file or the .htaccess file. For php.ini, add the following:

xdebug.auto_profile=1 xdebug.auto_profile_mode=3 xdebug.output_dir='/php' xdebug.default_enable=1

For .htaccess, add this:

php_value xdebug.auto_profile=1 php_value xdebug.auto_profile_mode=3 php_value xdebug.output_dir='/php' php_value xdebug.default_enable=1

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