Installing the Spam Module

Follow these steps to install the Spam module:

1. Download the latest version of the Spam module from spam.

■ Note At the time of writing, this module was being rewritten. You are encouraged to follow developments on the Spam 2.0 module at

2. After backing up your data, import the file spam.mysql (or spam.pgsql if appropriate) into your database.

3. Although the Spam module comes delivered with many subfolders and extra files, the only one you need to get started is spam.module. Create a folder called spam in your modules directory and move spam.module into it.

4. Since the Spam module learns from experience and builds lists of words, URLs, and IP addresses associated with spam, the experience of other web site administrators can be very useful in avoiding spam. To this end, there are a number of database dumps of the spam filters from active sites that have dealt with large quantities of spam. These files are found in the contributed/spam_tokens folder that comes with the Spam module download. Optionally, you can load these files into your database.

5. Navigate to administer> modules (admin/modules) and enable the module.

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