Introducing the Dashboard

You should now see the WordPress Dashboard, as shown in Figure 14-8. This is the page that greets you every time you log in to your blog.

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Below is the latest news from the official WordPress development blog, click on a title to read the full entry. WordPress Development Blog

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The Dashboard has several main areas. At the top of the page is the name of your blog and a link to view the web site. Resist clicking that just yet; let me take you through the rest of the page first. Below your blog title is the main menu bar. This contains links to all the main areas of the blog administration interface.

Below that is the main part of the Dashboard page. On the left, taking up a sizable portion of the page, are the three most recent posts from the WordPress development blog. Here, you will see news of any new versions of WordPress, news of security fixes, and so on. Below that are links to other stories from around the WordPress world.

On the right side of the page is a Latest Activity panel. This panel lists the last few posts and the last few comments from your blog. Right now, you will have only one of each, which the install script created for you. Below that you will see some blog statistics: number of posts, comments, and categories.

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