Leveraging Categories with Custom URLs

Drupal offers a very special tool for querying content based on categories using the URL or Drupal path. It enables you to construct a path to get a list of content in one or more categories and display the list either as a normal page or as an RSS feed. It allows for Boolean AND

or OR operators to combine terms, and it allows you to specify a depth so that you can obtain an entire hierarchy of terms.

■ Note A URL is a complete address that includes the protocol (HTTP), your domain, and depending on whether you have clean URLs enabled, the ?q= parameter. The path, on the other hand, is the value for the q parameter. So if the URL is http://www.yoursite.com/?q=taxonomy/term/2, the path is taxonomy/ term/2. With clean URLs enabled, the URL would be http://www.yoursite.com/taxonomy/term/2, and the path would be the same.

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