Locale Module

The Locale module allows you to switch the Drupal interface to another language. A Drupal site can have its interface in an unlimited number of languages, with one specified as the default. Visitors to your site will be presented with the default language, but authenticated users can switch the language by editing their account from the my account page.

The Locale module not only translates the interface text to another language, but it also lets you change the wording of any text without needing to alter the source code. Leaving the Drupal code unchanged is always advantageous when it comes time to upgrade your site, so using the Locale module is the preferred way to manage all Drupal text.

The text on your site can be divided into two groups: built-in text and text created as content by you or another site user. Content added to the site (blogs, stories, and so on) does not fall under the scope of the Locale module. However, you have access to all of the built-in text via this module. For example, the following are some translatable strings on the administration page (admin):

Home administer

Welcome to the administration section. Below are the most recent system events

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