Location Module

Adding location information to content can be very useful. Whether it is a shipping address, a meeting place, or the place where a photograph was taken, location adds an interesting dimension and opens up new possibilities for how communities form and how web sites are used. The Location module provides a set of location services, including appending location information to content and users, doing proximity searches, and linking to external map providers.

Much like the Event module, the Location module lets you choose what content should have location information, and the concept of a location-enabled node type is analogous to the event-enabled node type, but with different information. Furthermore, the Location module complements the Event module in a very meaningful way in that it can be used to answer the question "Where does this event take place?" To draw on the examples in the Event module section of this chapter, the Concert and Rehearsal flexinode types could be location-enabled, making the events calendar even more useful.

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