Making Topics Sticky and Posting Announcements

Users with the proper permissions in a forum have the option when creating a new topic to make it normal, sticky, or an announcement, as shown at the bottom of Figure 9-2. Sticky and announcement topics are denoted with special icons, and are "stuck" (hence the term sticky) at the top of each forum. Announcements in multipage forums appear at the top of each page in the forum. Sticky topics appear only at the top of the first page.

Figure 9-2. The options for setting a sticky or announcement post are highlighted.

The rights to stick topics or make them announcements are set through the permissions system, introduced in the previous chapter. The default permissions for sticking posts and creating announcements permit administrators to do this anywhere and moderators to do this in their assigned forums. phpBB's default settings are generally reasonable for most communities, but if you wish to alter these settings, see Chapter 10 for details.

To remove sticky or announcement priority from a topic, simply edit the first post in the thread and change the options accordingly. You can also use this functionality to bump sticky topics up to announcement status and vice versa.

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