Making Your First Post

You are now in a position to make your first post to your blog. Go ahead and click the Write tab. You'll see the Write Post page, shown in Figure 14-14.

Building Online Communities ,v.

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Velcome To Building Online Communit



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Welcome to "Building Online Communities With WordPress". This website has been created to accompany the Apress book "Building Online Communities With Drupal, phpBB, and WordPress".

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Advanced Editing ยป

Figure 14-14. Write Post page

Type in a title and the content of your post. You can use the quicktag buttons just above the large edit area to format your story, to add links, and so on. I'll go into detail about the quicktags and other posting options in the next chapter. When you are happy with your story, click the Publish button. That's it, you've made your first post!

Click the View site link at the top of the page and admire the masterpiece you just produced! Figure 14-15 shows an example. You may notice that there is already another post on your site. That is a test post the system creates for you as part of the installation. You can safely delete that once you have created your own post.

Building Online Communities

Building Online Communities With WordPress

Figure 14-15. A first post

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