Managing URL Filters

Whenever content is identified as spam, the Bayesian filter takes the opportunity to extract all of the URLs contained within and pay special attention to them. The logic is that the spammers' golden eggs are the URLs, and therefore their most telling fingerprint.

Navigate to administer > spam > URL filters (admin/spam/urls), and you will see an overview of the URLs that the Spam module recognizes as spam URLs. This page also shows how many times each URL has been matched as spam, how many times it has been identified with content that is not spam, the spam probability that it carries (from 1 to 99), and the date of the last match.

This page can be useful for removing false positives from the filter in case a spammer does something nasty, like including a link to a legitimate site in her spam, thus tricking the spam filter into thinking that URL, too, is spam.

You can also use this page to take preventative measures and block URLs that you know are spammer sites from other sources. Your e-mail inbox could be a good source of these URLs. Every one of those free software and cheap drugs sites that are advertised in e-mail spam deserves to be fed to your site's spam filter. To do this, simply add the domain to the Add New URL Filter section and click Add New URL Filter. If the same witless spammer decides to expand and target your web site as well as your inbox, he will be out of luck.

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