Moderating Comments

If you click the Awaiting Moderation link on the Manage Comments page, you will see the Moderation Queue page, as shown in Figure 15-17. The moderation queue includes comments from users, as well as TrackBack and Pingback comments. Each comment is displayed in full, along with four radio buttons as follows:

• The Approve option means that the comment will be approved and appear on the blog as normal.

• The Spam option marks the comment as spam and removes it from the queue.

• The Delete option deletes the comment from the database.

• The Defer until later option (which is selected by default) makes no change to the status of the comment.

At the bottom of the list is a set of links to set the radio buttons for all the comments. This will change any that you might have already set. Finally, clicking the Moderate Comments button will perform the requested actions, and then display a summary of the actions taken (for example, "3 comments deleted, 2 comments marked as spam, 1 comment unchanged").

Figure 15-17. Comment moderation queue

■ Note The comments marked as spam are not deleted from the database. Furthermore, WordPress has no way to show you those comments marked as spam. The thinking behind this is that at some point, someone will create a spam analysis plug-in that could use the comments marked as spam to better detect future spam comments, much as several e-mail filters do now. So far, no one has created that plug-in. However, a good number of WordPress plug-ins are designed to help you combat comment spam with varying levels of effectiveness. Also, an article on the WordPress Codex discusses a number of methods for combating comment spam (see for details).

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