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After activating the Menu module, you can access the menu administration page (admin/menu). On this page, you will see a table representing the navigation menu, which is the same navigation menu that you are accustomed to dealing with so far. All of the individual items and subitems are listed in the table as rows. Figure 3-5 shows the navigation menu in its initial state, before undertaking any changes.

Figure 3-5. The initial navigation menu

Not all of the items in the table are visible in the navigation menu. For example, compose tips and content are disabled in the table, and therefore don't show up in the menu. All of the menu items except for my account have a status of either enabled or disabled, which you can change. The my account item has a status of locked, meaning that item is essential for the system to operate and must never be disabled.

You can disable any of the currently enabled items by clicking the disable link. Try this with the help link, for example, and it will disappear from the navigation menu and show up in the table as disabled. You will notice that the menu item now has two links in its row: enable and reset. The enable link will cause the help link to reappear, but the reset link will remain. This is because every menu item tracks whether it has been modified by the administrator. Any links that you modify will have a resetlink, which will restore them to their original state.

The menu system is hierarchical, meaning that menu items can have children. The administer link is an example of an item that has children. This expresses itself visually in either an unex-panded or an expanded state, as shown in Figure 3-6.

create content my account administer log out

► create content

□ my account T administer

□ access control

□ categories

□ input formats

Figure 3-6. Unexpanded and expanded menu items

If you disable the administer link, all of its children will move up one level in the hierarchy but will themselves stay activated. Note that this works differently for the create content link for internal reasons. In that case, the create content link stays visible as long as any of its children are enabled.

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