Modifying Theme Images

To change the tone of the theme, choose a different header graphic. You can use any image or images you find to convey the appropriate impression about your blog. You could take a photo yourself or buy an image from one of the many photo agencies on the Web. For this example, I thought the group of horses shown in Figure 16-8 seemed to convey the idea of a community.

Figure 16-8. A new base image for a theme

To replace the header graphic in the theme, I cropped the image to match the dimensions of the original header graphic. I also overlaid the blog name onto the image. The original theme header deliberately left that area blank for the same purpose. My header image is shown in Figure 16-9.

Figure 16-9. Cropped and modified image ready for the theme

After you are happy with your main header image, copy it to the same name as the theme header image, overwriting the original. The theme now automatically uses your new version of the header image.

You can continue to modify the other background images that accompany the theme, again copying over the originals. I re-created them using colors from the new masthead image to blend with it. Finally, I tweaked the CSS style sheet to use the same colors from the header image for highlights and so on. See Figure 16-10 for the progress so far. You can download this version of the theme,, from the Source Code area of the Apress web site (

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