Note On Drupalorg you can see the application of containers on the forums page http wwwdrupalorgforum The containers are General Support and Development and they are visually set apart from the individual forum topics The actual topics or threads can be p

Select the Add Container tab to view the form to add a new container. The contents of the Container Name and Description fields will be visible to users in the forum overview. Use the Parent and Weight fields to place the container in the hierarchy. Containers are best left at the top level. Once you have defined your containers (or decided you don't need any), you can define your forums. Select the Add Forum tab to add forums. This page is identical to the one for adding containers. Although it is possible to add a forum with another forum as its parent, it is more logical to have all of your forums be either top-level or the child of a container. Users will be given the choice of which forum to post to whenever they create a new forum topic.

The Configure tab on the forum configuration page (admin/forum/configure) has several settings that apply to the way forums are displayed. The first setting, Forum Icon Path, determines whether forum icons are applied and where they come from. Entering a path in this field will simultaneously activate the forum icons and instruct Drupal where to look for them. To test this, enter misc in this field and save the configuration. You should notice various icons appearing in your forums to designate their status. Six icons are available:

• forum-closed.png is displayed when comments are disabled on a forum.

• forum-default.png is displayed on any forum when no other icon is displayed.

• forum-hot.png is shown when the number of comments and replies exceeds the Hot Topic Threshold setting, as set on the forum configuration page (admin/forum/configure).

• forum-hot-new.png is shown when the forum is both hot and it is the first time a user has viewed it.

• forum-new.png is shown on forums or comments the first time a user views them.

• forum-sticky.png is shown whenever a forum is designated as sticky.

If you provide a set of icons with the same names and point Drupal to their location via the Forum Icon Path field, your custom icons will be used instead of the default ones.

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