Password Protecting Posts

To the right of the Discussion check boxes is the Post Password box. Typing a word or phrase into this field (you'll notice that the password is displayed in plain text as you type it) will password-protect this posting. This means that, on the main page of your blog, this post will not, by default, display its contents. Instead the reader is presented with the title of the post (with Protected: prepended) and a password-entry field. The normal comments link is also replaced with the phrase "Enter your password to view comments," as shown in Figure 15-6.

Assuming you have given the password you entered when you published the post to some other people, they can type in the password and be able to read the post. The post is then displayed normally, although the title still has Protected: prepended to it. Comments are also accessible at that point.

Protected: Adding Plug ins

June 17th. 2005

This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Figure 15-6. A password-protected post

â– Caution The protection of posts available through WordPress's Advanced Editing mode is quite rudimentary. The password is stored in plain text in a cookie on the reader's machine. Anyone else using that same browser will be able to read that post for the next ten days (the lifetime of the cookie). The password is even stored in plain text in the database. Please don't use this feature for anything that is really sensitive.

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