Performance Tuning in phpBB

phpBB 3.0 enables easier tuning of the board to favor performance. You are now able to set the board to disable certain features under specific load conditions, or always disable some features. You can even tell phpBB not to operate until high-load situations subside. This is accomplished in the Server Settings control panel, shown in Figure 10-23.

Figure 10-23. The Server Settings control panel

The options are relatively self-explanatory. You have a lot of flexibility in shutting down phpBB features that you may find to be performance-sapping. Additionally, phpBB 3.0 gives you unparalleled control over the search indexing feature, which is a major change from phpBB 2.0, as it did not permit you to manage the feature at all. You now can tweak some of the indexing settings to further improve performance, or even disable searching entirely if it becomes a major performance problem.

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