Performing the Initial Tests

New to the phpBB 3.0 installer is a set of initial tests that run on your server to verify that you have the proper PHP version and a compatible database server available, as shown in Figure 8-15. It also checks to see which modules are available to phpBB for use in its various features, and it tells you which features are affected.

Figure 8-15. phpBB 3's new installation routine checks to make sure you have all the requisite software.

The installer also tests to make sure that the proper files and directories are writable by the web server. For phpBB 3.0, you'll want to ensure that the cache, files, and store directories are writable, as is config.php, as you have done for phpBB 2.0. The installer will test for this, as shown in Figure 8-16, and complain accordingly if it can't write to the files.

Figure 8-16. The second half of the preinstallation test suite. I changed the permissions on those directories only because the tests failed the first time.

Since I've passed all the tests, I have the option to continue to the next stage. So let's do that!

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