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The upgrades to the posting interface in phpBB 3.0 really shine when writing private messages, as the same features are carried over. As mentioned before, phpBB 3.0 sports new drafts functionality, and that applies to the private message system as well. Note the link on the sidebar in Figure 9-29, PM Drafts, as well as the Save button at the bottom of the form. Just as with forum posts, you can save private messages to return to later.

Figure 9-29. The upgraded private message composition window

In addition to the rest of the new features, the composition form's sidebar also features a quick search option for unread messages and reading your drafts. The Options link takes you to the form for creating new rules, adding new folders, and defining the behavior you wish phpBB to exhibit when your Inbox becomes full.

Previous versions of phpBB destroyed older messages to make room for the new ones. phpBB 3.0 gives you several options to handle full Inboxes:

• Redirect new messages to another folder with more space.

• Hold new messages until some space is cleared.

• Stick with the old way and start deleting old messages to make room for the new ones.

The phpBB default setting in the Administration panel is to hold new messages, and I do not recommend changing that option, as data loss is a very nasty thing.

Private messaging now supports multiple recipients, including sending blind carbon copies of private messages to people.

The most important aspect of all these enhancements is that each new option is incredibly administrator-configurable. The administrator can disallow mass private messaging, limit the editing time on private messages, and much more.

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