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Drupal defines four different attributes content can have to determine its publishing status:

Published: Published content is generally visible. Unpublished nodes cannot be seen by anyone who does not have the Administer Nodes permission.

In moderation queue: The moderation queue is all of the content on your site that needs approval from an administrator or moderator before being published.

Promoted to front page: This is a somewhat misleading name. It should read "Promoted to the list of all promoted content." This flag ensures that a node will appear in the list of content generated by the Drupal path node, which is the default front page in any Drupal installation. The content will be promoted to the front page only if the path to the front page remains node.

Sticky at top of lists: The default front page lists content in reverse chronological order, from newest to oldest. Marking content as sticky makes it appear at the top of the list instead of taking its place in the historical order, and it will stay there, along with any other sticky content, for as long as it is marked sticky.

Create new revision: This causes a new revision of the content to be created every time the user executes an update. When revisions are present, an extra tab appears on the content page alongside View and Edit. On this tab, revisions can be viewed or deleted and rollbacks to earlier versions can be executed. This is a powerful feature when combined with moderation, as normal users can submit an updated version of a published node. The revision then goes into the moderation queue, and the previously published version stays visible to the general public. An administrator or a moderator can then review the revision and decide whether to publish or delete it. This is how documentation in the Drupal handbook is maintained on, and is similar to the functionality found in wikis (

You can set these states individually (if you have the Administer Nodes permission) when you create content, as shown in Figure 2-5, or configure them for each content type, as described in the next section.

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17 Published

I- In moderation queue ^ Promoted to front page I- Sticky at top of lists

I- Create new revision

Figure 2-5. Publishing options for a page

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