Reading and Managing Private Messages

When you enter the private messaging system in phpBB, you will be greeted by the Inbox, shown in Figure 9-12. All of phpBB's private message boxes look similar to the Inbox. As with a forum, you click the subject of a message to read it. The message is then marked as read when you return to the folder.

Figure 9-12. The Inbox is the starting point ofphpBB private messaging.

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Figure 9-12. The Inbox is the starting point ofphpBB private messaging.

If you use private messages on a regular basis, it's important to manage them. Keep a close eye on your folder usage, indicated in the top-right corner of the screen. If you fill up your Inbox, you will continue to receive new messages at the expense of older messages, which are irrevocably purged to make way for the newer messages. Size limits also apply to the Savebox and the Sentbox folders. By default, phpBB permits you to store 50 private messages in the Inbox, and 25 messages each in the Savebox and Sentbox. However, you can increase or decrease these folder size limits as demand requires, using the Private Messaging options accessed through the Configuration link under General Admin in the Administration panel.

Managing your private messages is a simple task. Under the Mark column on the far right of your folder view, you can select messages to save or delete. Alternatively, if you wish to mass-move or mass-delete your messages, click the Mark all link in the bottom-right portion of the form. Mark all and Unmark all will select and deselect, respectively, all the messages displayed in your folder. You can then click the Save Marked or Delete Marked button. Saving your messages transports them to the Savebox, where they are held for retrieval later. To erase the entire contents of your folder, simply click the Delete All button, and your folder will be cleared out.

Tip If you or one of your members report a user sending abusive private messages, you can use the User Management tool in the Administration panel to disable the abusive user's ability to send private messages.

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