Returning a Page or a Feed

Each of the resulting lists in the previous examples can be returned as a page, which is the default and what you've seen so far, or returned as an RSS feed. All that is needed is an extra segment on the end of the path that specifies feed or page. Here is the full syntax for taxonomy queries:

taxonomy/term/tids/depth/{page | feed}

taxonomy/term/1/0/page taxonomy/term/1/0/feed taxonomy/term/4+6/1/page taxonomy/term/4+6/1/feed

Note that you need to use the full syntax, including the depth segment, if you're asking for an RSS feed.

Clearly there is much power to be unleashed by using Drupal's categories in creative ways. There are few, if any, comparable systems available, and this feature alone sets Drupal apart from most projects working in the PHP/CMS space.

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