Run the Update Script

Access update.php in your browser. Click the link run the database upgrade script. The update script is a chronological set of changes to be made, starting from early Drupal versions all the way to the most current version. Each change has a date associated with it. Drupal will look to see what your update history has been (the last time you ran this update script, a value that is stored in the database) and will suggest a starting date for your update process.

If Drupal is unable to recognize the correct date, this is where your records will prove to be useful. When did you install Drupal? When was the last time you altered the database schema in any way? Pick a date that precedes or matches your installation or the last update.

When you've settled on a date, click Update, and the script will run. The update script is primarily focused on updating the database schema. Typical output for a successful update looks like the screen shown in Figure 6-4.

Figure 6-4. The Drupal update screen

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