Running the Install Script

You are now ready to install WordPress on your server. You have created a database, given permissions to your database user, uploaded the WordPress files, created a couple of new files, and set permissions appropriately. Although reading through these instructions, it seems like a lot of work, if you are already familiar with these tasks, this whole process really does take only five minutes! Have heart, you are nearly there.

Go to your web browser and type the following address into the address bar (assuming you installed in the blog directory):


This will load the WordPress install script, as shown in Figure 14-5. Click First Step, and you will be prompted for the title of your weblog and an e-mail address.

As shown in Figure 14-6, type in a suitable name—Wendy's Weblog, Tuxedo News, or whatever you want to call it. Don't worry—you can change the title later. Make sure the e-mail address you enter is valid. Your administrator (admin) password will be sent to it. Click the Continue to Second Step button to move to the next step.

Next, you will see a progress screen as the install script creates your database tables for you. In practice, it is so fast that all you will see is the "Finished!" message. You will see instructions for logging in to your new blog. Make a careful note of the password. For security reasons, it is a randomly generated one.

Tip When I'm setting up a new WordPress blog, I select the password with my mouse and copy it to the clipboard (by pressing Ctrl+C). Then I can simply paste it into the login form.

Figure 14-5. The first screen of the WordPress install script


First Step

Before we begin we need a little bit of information. Don't worry, you can always change these later.

Weblog title: Your e-mail:

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