Selecting an Installed Theme

WordPress comes with two built-in themes. The Default theme, based on Michael Heilemann's Kubrick theme, is shown in Figure 16-1. It is a fixed-width layout centered in the browser window.

The other built-in theme is the WordPress Classic theme produced by Dave Shea for WordPress 1.2, shown in Figure 16-2. This is a flexible theme that stretches to fill the width of the browser.

Building Online Communities

Building online communities with WordPress

Figure 16-1. WordPress Default theme

Building Online Com m unities

Building Online Com m unities

Figure 16-2. WordPress Classic theme

To select one of your installed themes, log in to the administration pages and click Presentation. You will be presented with the theme selection page, as shown in Figure 16-3. This page shows you all the installed themes and highlights the currently active theme. Click the Select button of the theme that you wish to use, and then click View site at the top of the page. Try that now to switch to the Classic theme, and you will see your blog content's presentation change (see Figure 16-2).

Figure 16-3. Selecting a theme

You can see how easy it is to completely change the style of your blog. Both of the built-in themes include a variety of information in their sidebars, such as lists of categories, links to archives, meta-information, and so on.

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