Setting Up Forum Categories

When you've finished defining your forums and containers, it is worth revisiting the category administration page (admin/taxonomy), which was covered in detail in Chapter 2, along with using categories and the Taxonomy module.

All that work you just did to configure your containers and forums did little more than create a special taxonomy vocabulary called Forums, which, at its core, is no different from any other taxonomy vocabulary. If you look into the details for your Forums vocabulary, you will see some of the decisions that were made for you by the Forum module. For example, in the Types field, only Forum Topic is checked. If you want to, you can check more content types, which would then show the Forums vocabulary on the content-creation form for that type.

You could also categorize your blog entries with the same hierarchy that your forums have. Don't expect your blogs to show up in the forums, however. Both blogs and forums would appear on taxonomy listing pages of the form (taxonomy/term/tid).

The other fields listed for the Forums vocabulary are also fair game. By changing the Hierarchy setting from Single to Multiple, you can make it possible for a forum to have multiple parents. This could be useful if one theme or topic applies to all of your containers. Make this forum topic have multiple containers as parents, and it will show up in each one (but note that this would probably get abused by users eager to grab people's attention, so I don't recommend this option).

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