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To configure settings that apply to all of your site's content, select administer > settings > posts (admin/settings/node). This page has the following settings:

Number of posts on main page: This sets the number of posts that will be displayed whenever your front page is a list of posts, such as the default front page, node. All such listing pages have an automatic pagination feature for accessing the rest of the posts beyond whatever number you set for this field.

Length of trimmed posts: For every node, Drupal prepares a shortened teaser view and a full view. The teaser view uses an algorithm to find a logical place in the content text to break off. The text is truncated and followed by a Read More link, which takes you to the full view. The Length of Trimmed Posts setting sets the maximum number of characters that will be shown in the teaser view. If Drupal finds a more logical place to break that has fewer characters than this setting, such as after an HTML block level element, it will. Note that this has only a limited influence on the actual displayed size of the teaser, since it doesn't take into account factors such as images or different font sizes that may be in the text. If you always want your posts to be viewed in full, set this to Unlimited.

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