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Recent years have seen an explosion in web site spam. Spam is any content posted to a web site that is unwanted or has an ulterior motive other than being part of the online community. The most common ulterior motive is getting links to third-party web sites published, in pursuit of the higher search engine rankings that come with the elevated page rank that their web sites enjoy when links from external sites point to them.

Some people are willing to do almost anything to get a link to their web site posted on your web site. They will sign up for accounts, and then post forums and make blog entries with blatant advertisements for their products. They will comment on other people's content, sometimes masking their intent in a thin veneer of compliments before getting to the business of self promotion. They will use scripts to find the holes in your site and flood you with postings.

Spammers show a lot of resourcefulness and absolutely no mercy. If given the chance, they will turn your web site into a wasteland of Viagra, poker, and payday loan advertisements. It is important to the health of your online community that you have a strong defense against this malicious activity. Just as people need to have means to deal with spam e-mail in their inbox, you need to have a way to deal with spam posts on your web site. You will find this defense in the Spam module.

Link Wheels for Dummies

Link Wheels for Dummies

The only thing you need to start a link wheel is CONTENT Articles and the mentioned pages at your money site to link to. But like anything in IM, building a link wheel is not an exact science. Feel free to build the link wheel the way it suits you. Learn more within this guide by downloading it today.

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