Throttling Modules and Blocks

Once you have enabled the Throttle module, two familiar administration pages will look somewhat different. These are the module administration page (admin/modules) and the block administration page (admin/block).

On the module administration page (admin/modules), the table listing all of the modules and their status will have an extra column, named Throttle. All but the essential modules (such as System, Block, and User) have a check box that, when checked, means that the module and all of its functionality will be turned off in times of heavy load. Here, you must decide which modules perform site-critical functions and which do not. For example, in the case of the popular article that is attracting loads of traffic to your site, disabling the Node module in throttle conditions will prevent the article (and all other content) from being viewed. While this will probably solve your traffic problem, it will also make a very bad impression on those who came to read the article. So, the Node module is not a good target for throttle controls. The following are core modules that can safely be throttled without denying your site use of its most critical functions: Aggregator, Archive, Ping, Poll, Queue, Search, Statistics, and Tracker.

On the block administration page (admin/block), each block also has a check box that controls whether it should be displayed in throttle conditions. This is probably an easier decision to make, as many of the blocks are not critical to the functioning of the site (Who's Online, for example).

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