Time Zone Display

The Event Time Zone Display field answers the question, "The time for this event should be displayed adjusted to which time zone?" Imagine that your site is configured to Eastern Standard Time (EST). Jim in Chicago uses your site to announce his upcoming concert. which starts at 18:00 (6:00 p.m.). Since he and his concert are in Central Standard Time (CST), he saves the event with CST. George in California, which is on Pacific Standard Time (PST), visits the site and sees the announcement for Jim's concert. What time should George see: 18:00 CST (the event's time zone), 16:00 PST (George's time zone), or 19:00 EST (the web site's time zone)? These are your three choices for the Event Time Zone Display field:

Use the event's time zone: If it is an event that you want to attend (in the place that it is happening), this is the most logical setting. Since you will attend the event in person, you will naturally be in the same time zone as the event.

Use the user's time zone: Let's say the concert is also being broadcast by radio or webcast. Now you will definitely want to see the time of the concert adjusted to the time zone you are in, thus making this setting the better choice.

Use the sitewide time zone: This is probably not the best setting for most cases.

The Time Notation Preference field determines whether times will be displayed in 12- or 24-hour notation.

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